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Summer fun!
Hey everyone,

I am having a great summer! Here in Toronto the weather has been just beautiful. Hot in the sun, but nice and cool in the shade. We spent most of yesterday in our backyard on the deck, had a great barbecue for lunch and some drinks. What a great day!

Last night I did some reading on my Kindle. It's the best. I had a tough choice choosing between it and the NOok however http://whichisbetterkindleornook.com helped me get the Kindle. I'm so glad I did. I'll never regret getting it.

its about time
How is everyone doing this fine day? I would like to leave a note for all of you along with tell you that I will be operating a blog site on this website. I am going to look at my random every day occurances as well as other items also. I am just truly enthusiastic being starting a different blog site since it is really a number of years. I hope anyone all to post us feedback and explore my own discussions with me. Ciao for right now.